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Google Chat is already one of our favourite communication tools. It’s a no-brainer, as it comes part and parcel of Google Workspace’s work suite. It’s a great way to zero internal emails between colleagues, eliminating inbox fatigue. 

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Google Chat is Revamping its Space Creation

This year, Google Chat is making two significant improvements to its Space creation workflow to help you stay more organised and focused.

1. No more duplicate names: Say goodbye to confusion! Now, space names within your company’s domain must be unique, preventing accidental re-creations and simplifying navigation. This works just like naming emails in Gmail or groups in Google Groups – if a name is already taken, you’ll get a friendly reminder to choose another.

2. Tailor spaces to your needs: Choose the right fit for your communication goals! You can now configure spaces as either Collaboration hubs for interactive teamwork or Announcement channels for important broadcasts. This helps everyone understand the space’s purpose and encourages focused discussions.

Note: These changes initially apply to manually created spaces. By the 3rd of June 2024, spaces created through the Chat API will also follow the unique name rule.

Google Chat is Revamping it’s Space Creation image 01

Give your space a purpose

Creating new spaces in Chat is easier than ever. You can now give your space a purpose by designating it as a Collaboration or Announcement Space.

Google Chat is Revamping it’s Space Creation image 02

Upon creating your space, you’ll be greeted by an updated popup window with options tailored to its purpose.

  • For collaborative spaces, you can quickly invite teammates, share files, assign tasks, and craft a warm welcome message for new members. Plus, enable activity history and browse suggested apps from our Marketplace to boost your productivity.
  • For announcement spaces, easily manage groups, control access permissions, and establish clear usage guidelines to keep everyone informed and on the same page.

Google Chat is Revamping it’s Space Creation image 03

Here’s What you Need to Do

While admins can relax, end users will now see an error message when trying to create or edit a space with an existing name (don’t worry, existing duplicates are safe). Developers using the Chat API, take note: update your apps by the 3rd of June 2024 to avoid conflicts with the new duplicate-name error code.

Good to Know

Starting on the 25th of January for Rapid Release and the 12th of February 2024 for Scheduled Release, the new space creation flow will roll out gradually (up to 15 days). Say goodbye to duplicate space names! This update affects both web (accessible now) and mobile (coming soon in Q1 2024) and all Google Workspace and Individual subscribers can enjoy this improvement.

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