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At Pipeline Digital, we’re all about integrations and productivity. This is where choosing the right CRM for your business can be tricky.

Our CRM services include strategy and planning, implementation and migration, and management and support. Is sales and marketing automation a requirement of your business? Are you wasting too much time talking to unqualified leads? We can help you make the right decision.

Are you lost in CRM wonderland?

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Do you require marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the process of utilising technology to streamline marketing efforts and make them more effective. Think of a repetitive task you do in your role, for example, you might follow up on your leads using email communication. This is where automation plays its role in enhancing productivity – it allows employees to focus more on high-value activities rather than the daily repetitive tasks.

Choosing the right CRM for your business

As you can see from above, the choice of CRM is tricky. We are challenged more often than not to solve CRM issues, rather than help from the beginning. To avoid the most common issues, the process of choosing a CRM solution needs to start with the commercial strategy. We have a set of criteria we use to identify what you need and prevent you from falling over one of the common issues.

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Are escalating costs going to be a problem?

Are you trying to manage escalating costs? If yes, let’s look at the features you need and provide a solution where costs don’t escalate. If you’re planning a new system and want to understand how costs can escalate, give us a call – this is the most common request we get asked to solve.

In our experience, escalating costs typically happen when features the client thought were available on their plan, actually were not. In addition to this, the CRM may charge you per user, and also the number of contacts you have. This is why planning and the commercial strategy are important.

Common CRM issues

The introduction of a new CRM system is high on the agenda for many sales and marketing managers we speak to, however, let’s tell you why 70% of all CRM projects fail.

Poor leadership

Weak leadership could cause problems for any CRM implementation plan. Management should lead by example and push for customer focus on every project. They need to become the source of knowledge and understanding, a power user.

Lack of user adoption

Low user-adoption is typically the root cause of most customer relationship management (CRM) project failures. This happens when your employees actively resist learning essentials of the system.


One of the greatest challenges to CRM implementation is cost. You need to consider the total cost of ownership including software subscription, IT resources needed, staff training and upskilling.

Our most recent CRM projects

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Getting the costs under control with SharpSpring

Once you move into the world of power users, SharpSpring should be one of the considerations. Super rich on features, with this system you get everything included. One simple price for as many users as you need and just tiny number of extra costs that don’t escalate the cost of your CRM each month. This powerful sales and marketing automation system enables you to budget into the future.

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Also, if you’ve never come across collaborative working before, and have some questions about running remote teams or how we will work in the future, book your free 30-minute consultation with Pete today. Our Google Workspace page may enlighten you!

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