• Hubspot Integration
  • Basic training on Hubspot integration
  • Customising Hubspot properties and sidebars
  • Zapier

The brief

Ark Charge approached Pipeline Digital for assistance in managing leads and jobs for electric vehicle (EV) charger installations. They used ServiceM8 for job management but lacked lead management features. They had deployed Hubspot as their sales tool, but the lack of integration between the two tools resulted in manual work to move deals to jobs and hindered tracking of deal values at each stage.

The solution? A Hubspot Integration

We facilitated the integration of Hubspot and ServiceM8 for Ark Charge, enabling a seamless workflow. When a deal is won in Hubspot, it automatically sends the information to ServiceM8, creating a job. Hubspot manages opportunities and sales, while ServiceM8 handles job management.

We customised the deal sidebar in Hubspot so that information from the job form was always visible, and created a field “send to ServiceM8” to push deals to ServiceM8 via Zapier, where they became jobs and management took over.

We created custom dashboards in Hubspot, allowing Ark Charge to actively review deal values at each stage and make more accurate forecasts.

This project was fully remote so we had to provide documentation of the workflows and draw up Figjam board to show how the system would work. The integration took around 15 hours, and the biggest challenge was the limited triggers and actions available in Zapier. However, we were able to find a workaround and avoided building a custom API.

Integrating Hubspot and ServiceM8 improved Ark Charge’s workflow and boosted efficiency. The new system enables seamless management of leads and won jobs, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality electrician and EV charger installation services.

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