• Short-term drip email campaign to eligible unregistered members, and then again to newly registered members.
  • Monthly seasonal communication to all members.
  • Zapier for pushing data seamlessly between email parsers, Google Sheets and the CRM.
  • Animation to explain the virtual healthcare services available.
  • ClickUp for project management, proofing, tracking tasks, and client review.
  • Content Creation, specifically copywriting, and graphic design.

Our client is a prominent company in the telemedicine and virtual healthcare industry, working with multinational health insurance companies worldwide. While we cannot disclose their specific identity, their core business involves providing virtual healthcare services to members of their insurance plans. This service is offered via a dedicated mobile app (white-labelled version for each insurance company) which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is accessible from anywhere in the world through video consultations and phone calls.

The Brief:

The main goal was to increase registrations and utilisation of the service, thus increasing ROI for each insurance company. Our task list included communicating the health care services to insurance members via marketing emails, designing email templates in line with the insurance company’s brand identity, writing the email content and creating a few eye-catching motion graphics to grab people’s attention. They also needed a way to link the customer information to their emailing lists automatically so they wouldn’t need to input the information manually.

How We Set up Email marketing automation for worldwide virtual healthcare service


To achieve our client’s goal, our first step was to set up a project space in our project management tool, ClickUp. We then listed and categorised our tasks accordingly to make sure no detail would be missed. We also set the client up with their own ClickUp dashboard so they could follow our progress from their side and give feedback where required. Clients are also able to see how long each task takes and when a task has been completed or is overdue. This ensures complete transparency on the project.

Zapier and API

Once that had been done, we set to work on linking the customer emails to SharpSpring’s emailing lists. Zapier was the perfect tool for the job. We’ve used this workflow automation tool several times on past projects with great success. Once we had it set up, the customer emails flowed into SharpSpring effortlessly. Paired with email parsing tools, data attachment files from emails could be imported to the CRM via Zapier.

Email Campaigns and Content Creation

Lastly, we moved on to the email communication. We decided to work in SharpSpring – a powerful email automation tool. We designed the email templates in there, making sure they were on brand with the company’s persona. Our in-house copywriter crafted the email content carefully, making sure to highlight all the key benefits and features the virtual healthcare service had to offer.

For the email communication to be effective, we set up a weekly email campaign as well as a monthly newsletter containing information relating to seasonal illnesses and other health-related concerns, urging customers to take action to keep an eye on their health. Because we were working in SharpSpring, we were able to schedule the emails to send automatically on dates and times of our choosing.

Motion Graphics

The motion graphics we designed needed to be simple, yet eye-catching. We took care to make sure the file sizes of the graphics were optimised in such a way that they could be used in the marketing emails without disrupting the load time of the email.

The project was successful and the clients were happy with our work. So much so, they have come back to us every year to do their email marketing campaigns.

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