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Creating a high-converting landing page can be a great addition to your online marketing strategy. For every 100 visitors hitting that page, statistics suggest around 10 will take the next step and inquire. It might not sound like much, but picture this: out of 10,000 visitors, 1,000 could potentially convert. Now, that’s a significant impact.

We’ve seen great results by pairing our CRM powerhouse, HubSpot, with our high-converting landing pages (HCLPs). It’s like a tag team that transforms online traffic into valuable leads. Rather than spreading your efforts across various sources, directing them into one solid platform allows for streamlined conversion of prospects into inquiries.

If you haven’t boarded the landing page train yet, you’re missing out big time. Stick around as we uncover why this tool is a non-negotiable asset for your website.

Want a landing page? We can build one for you!

What is a high-converting landing page?

Convert prospects into enquiries with a high converting landing page

Think of a high-converting landing page as a digital gateway to success. They serve as the pivotal link between potential customers and what your brand offers. These pages are strategically designed spots on your website where visitors exchange their contact info for something valuable, such as white papers, online courses, event registrations, newsletter sign-ups, free trials, app downloads, or access to community forums.

Using HubSpot’s lead-capture form, we gather this contact info, launching the second phase of the customer journey: an automated email drip campaign.

What are the benefits of an HCLP?

Lead Generation (of course)
HCLPs are laser-focused pages tied directly to an offer or next step, providing upfront value. This entices new visitors to offer their information in exchange for immediate, tangible rewards.

Insights and Customer Personalisation
Data collected from landing pages empowers targeted, personalised marketing strategies. Understanding preferred content and channels helps refine the marketing strategy, engaging audiences on platforms they already use.

Email Subscriber Growth
Using landing pages to exchange content for email subscriptions helps rapidly grow your list. Segmentation in HubSpot enables tailored follow-up emails.

Enhanced Customer Experience
Automated follow-up emails like a “thank you for signing up” message add to the customer experience, nurturing potential customers right from the start.

Brand Value and First Impressions
A well-designed landing page showcases your company’s value proposition, impressing and converting visitors. Even if not an immediate conversion, it boosts brand recognition and nurtures leads for future sales.

HubSpot’s Role in Contact Information Capture from an HCLP

While creating an attention-grabbing landing page is pivotal, the ability to capture contact information effectively is equally important. This is where HubSpot, a robust CRM and marketing platform, shines brightly.

Seamless Integration

HubSpot seamlessly integrates with landing page builders, allowing businesses to create and customise compelling landing pages while effortlessly syncing the captured data directly into the CRM.

Smart Forms and Progressive Profiling

HubSpot offers smart forms that adapt and gather relevant information incrementally, ensuring a balance between gathering valuable data and not overwhelming the visitor. Progressive profiling remembers previously captured data, enabling a smoother user experience.

Automation and Personalisation

Leveraging HubSpot’s automation capabilities, businesses can nurture leads effectively by delivering personalised content and targeted communication based on the information collected through landing pages.

Convert Prospects into Enquiries with a High-Converting Landing Page today!

We know a high-converting landing page, paired with HubSpot (or any CRM for that matter), holds a lot of power in the digital world. It’s more than a simple webpage; it acts as a strategic doorway, attracting potential customers, nurturing their interest, and enhancing your brand’s reputation. Through HubSpot’s insights and personalised communication, businesses gain valuable information, connect better with their audience and create tailored experiences. This combination isn’t just a tool; it’s a crucial driver for business growth, customer relationships, and success online.

Our team of experienced digital marketing experts can help you design and implement a high-converting landing page that will drive conversions and boost your business. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and get started on your journey to landing page success. Let us help you with yours today

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