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Google Chat Continues their Renovations

The decluttering feature has been a lifesaver already. Every time I open up the interface now, I feel a sense of calm. Everything is neat and tidy and I don’t get caught up in old conversations which distract me from my current tasks.

And now, for something you’ve all been waiting for:

Google Workspace is rolling out another great feature for Google Chat that we are all familiar with. Read receipts. But for group direct messages! This way, you can see if everyone in the chat has read your message, got the memo and are ready to crack on! 

Because let’s be real, lots of people use the Chat to get an immediate reply from their coworkers, but it can be tough to keep track of all the messages sent and received each day. It’s helpful to know who has read your message, so it can give you an idea of when to expect a response.

So check it, read receipts will only be visible in Chats with a maximum of 20 people, and it won’t be shown in spaces. End users, you don’t have to worry about changing any settings on your side, Google Workspace will do it for you!

When can we start seeing read receipts for messages in Google Chat group direct messages?

Both rapid and scheduled domains will start seeing the feature from the 29th of June (with a gradual roll out of 15 days) and it is available for all Google Workspace customers as well as those with personal accounts.

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