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Gemini for Google Workspace has officially launched, bringing exciting new advancements in AI assistance. Google Workspace now offers two powerful add-ons, Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business, to boost productivity for everyone. And for Google One users, Gemini Advanced offers a sneak peek into the future of AI support.

But before we dive into the add-ons and what they offer, let’s talk about what Gemini is. At its core, Gemini is an intelligent assistant, understanding your needs and anticipating your tasks. Whether you’re planning your daily routine, researching a topic for work, or simply need a quick answer, Gemini is there to help with its natural language processing and vast knowledge base.

Customers can have both Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise licenses within the same domain. This allows flexibility in how they introduce generative AI in their organisation.

Fun fact: the Gemini star sign symbolises adaptability, curiosity, communication skills, versatility, and a dual nature – seems quite fitting!

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Gemini Enterprise (Starting at $30/user/month)

Gemini Enterprise gives you full access to advanced AI features in Workspace, like help with writing, organising, visualising and more. It’s the best option for getting the most advanced AI features, such as live translated captions in Meet.

Imagine having an AI assistant that seamlessly fits into your Google Workspace, understanding how you work, doing tasks automatically, and working with your team like a real member. It starts at $30 per user per month with an annual commitment.

It offers features like:

  • Chatting with Gemini to get the words and visuals just right and easily bring the output from Gemini to your new or existing document, presentation, or email.
  • Researching, brainstorming and analysing information in Gemini, with access to Google’s 1.0 Ultra and enterprise-grade data protections
  • Double-checking responses to validate information in Gemini
  • Looking your best in Google Meet with a studio look
  • Creating plans for projects in Google Sheets with just a simple prompt
  • Generating background images in Google Meet
  • Using translated captions in Google Meet

Gemini Business: (Starting at $20/user/month)

For smaller businesses or teams, there’s Gemini Business. Starting at $20 per user per month with an annual commitment, it’s accessible to both new and existing Google Workspace users and functions as an add-on subscription.

Gemini Business grants access to some of the generative AI features available in Gemini Enterprise, with monthly usage limits in place. Equipped with tools to enhance efficiency, spark creativity, and streamline tasks, Gemini Business presents an excellent opportunity for businesses seeking to delve into the realm of generative AI.

Gemini Advanced for Google One Users ($10/user/month)

For Google One users there’s Gemini Advanced. This is for users who are using a Google One Plan with 2TB of storage and up. Gemini Advanced offers:

  • Ultra 1.0: Gemini Advanced is our most advanced AI model. It understands, reasons, and codes like a pro. It makes tasks like writing, translating, and coding easy.
  • State-of-the-art performance: Gemini Advanced simplifies your work. It generates high-quality code in different languages, explains complex ideas clearly, and speeds up tasks.
  • Complex tasks: Whether it’s analysing data, writing a report, or making a presentation, Gemini Advanced can do it all. It understands text, images, and code, making tasks simpler.

Also included in this Google One subscription:

  • Integration of Gemini features into Gmail, Docs, and other platforms
  • 2TB of cloud storage for Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail, which can be shared with up to 5 additional members
  • Access to other premium Google One benefits

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Chat with Gemini

Customers who use Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business can now chat directly with Gemini through a new standalone experience at This feature is based on their 1.0 Ultra model and offers high-level data protections and admin controls. Gemini can help you start your work and improve how you research, brainstorm, and analyse information, with the ability to double-check responses confidently.

With a Gemini Business or Gemini Enterprise plan, your chats are not used for advertising, checked by humans, or used to improve AI technology.

The Future of AI Assistance is Here

Gemini, with its new Enterprise and Business add-ons, and the sneak peek into Gemini Advanced, represents a significant leap forward in AI assistance. It’s not just about automation; it’s about empowering individuals and teams to achieve more with the power of AI integrated seamlessly into their everyday workflows, all at competitive prices.

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