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There’s nothing better than a well-formatted document. It’s easy to read, you can skim to a relevant section quickly and it’s clear to follow. Google is now introducing improvements to Google Docs content organisation. Specifically, the formatting and customisation options for its Table of Contents and Table Properties.

What’s New in Table of Contents:

  • Users can now choose from three default styles:
  • Toggle page numbers
  • Toggle tab leader styling to add lines between headings and page numbers
  • Include and indent headings based on levels.

These popular requested customisations will allow users to personalise their document’s content. By refining titles and headings, the content will be easier to read and sort through.

What’s New in Table Properties:

Google has also re-organised the table properties sidebar in Docs to make it easier to find and use the different formatting options.

Users will notice a new Table section with alignment preferences and a new Cell section with more straightforward cell-specific formatting options when adding or editing a table.

To do this:

For tables, go to Insert, find the Table tab and click on the Table Options button. Otherwise, you can also right-click on a table with your mouse and select Table Properties.

For Table of Contents, go to Insert then Table of Contents. Three quick layout options for tables of contents are available in paginated mode:

  • Plain text,
  • Dotted lines
  • Links

To access the sidebar for the table of contents options, right-click on the newly created table of contents.


These improvements to Google Docs content organisation is being rolled out on 3 April 2023 and the Table Sidebar update will be released on 16 March 2023. These features will be available to all users including personal Google Accounts.

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