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You have got to check out Google Chat’s new Facelift! It’s Amazing!

So fresh and so clean! That’s what Andre 3000 would say about Google Chat’s new facelift. Google Chat’s new look and feel comes with a more consistent and enhanced user experience for end users which will allow them to communicate more efficiently with their team; whether it’s remotely or in office. It’s about time too, seeing as last year Gmail was the first to get a revitalising revamp, followed by Google Drive, Slides, Sheets and Docs. So it only makes sense that Google Chat would get it’s turn in the spotlight.

Google has updated Google Chat with a program called Material Design 3. It helps make web apps look beautiful and easy to use. The update includes a new font, updated colors, and new layouts, as well as other cool features.

So what’s changed?

As you use the platform, you’ll notice the following:

  • Changes to the top app bar
  • Left navigation
  • Main message view
  • Compose setup
  • New Topic button
  • Thread panel in direct messages and spaces.

We believe that this modernised product experience will enhance remote and in-office collaboration and make it easier for you to get your tasks done within your workflow.

When’s the big reveal?

The rollout already started on the 13th of April 2023 so if you haven’t noticed it by now we’re sure you will very soon! This will affect admin and end users and is available to all Google Workspace customers, including legacy G suite Basic, Business Customers and users with personal Google accounts.

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