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84% of UK businesses are encountering challenges because they are using outdated legacy systems

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As a business owner who’s been in the game for over ten years, do you care about your tech stack and how up-to-date it is? Spoiler alert: you should, big time. But most of you don’t from what we’ve experienced. At Pipeline Digital, we’ve seen too many older Brighton businesses struggling with outdated tech while startups speed ahead with the latest and greatest. But here’s the thing—it’s not as scary or expensive to upgrade as you might think.

Think about the big dogs in the tech world—they’re always on the cutting edge, right? That’s because they know staying ahead keeps them competitive. Plus, having up-to-date tech isn’t just about staying cool; it’s about attracting top talent. These days, employees want to work with the latest tools, and if you’re stuck in the tech Stone Age, you’ll struggle to keep them around. True Story: My brother took a job over another very similar offer just because they were using Google Workspace. He knew his work life would be low email / high productivity.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: fear. Change can be scary, we get it. But clinging to outdated tech is even scarier. It’s like trying to drive a tractor on the Information Superhighway.

In our blog, we’ll show you how to kick that fear to the curb and future-proof your tech stack like a (modern) boss. So buckle up, because your business’s future in the UK starts now.

Choose your tech stack intentionally

Even though our digital solutions company is fully remote, we’ve got it all covered. Our carefully curated tech stack works perfectly for communication, collaboration and task management, keeping everything running smoothly.

We use tools like

  • cloud-based software
  • internal messaging systems
  • scheduling software
  • online meeting platforms
  • customer relationship management (CRM) platforms
  • project management software

Remember, collaborative tools are here to lend a hand, not take over. They’re not about micromanaging or dictating how we operate. Instead, they’re all about helping us cut down on mundane tasks by using automation, freeing up time for the important work that matters.

Cloud-based software – like Google Workspace

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Imagine a company using separate programs for sales, marketing, and finance, all on their own computers. Each department has its own island of information, making it hard to see the bigger picture. The marketing team wouldn’t know what customers just bought, making it harder to target them with the right ads. Salespeople might miss out on upcoming promotions, and the company might end up with conflicting information about the same customer. This is data siloing, and on-premise software can contribute to this issue.

Heads up! Microsoft 365 comes with a hybrid setup, meaning while it can tackle these issues, using it as anything other than a cloud-only solution might actually add to these woes.

Google Workspace, on the other hand, operates entirely in the cloud. This means you can use Gmail, Drive, Chat, Calendar, and Docs directly from your web browser without installing anything. Access your work from any device, anywhere in the UK or the world, with an internet connection, receive automatic updates, collaborate with multiple people in real time, adjust user access easily, and benefit from Google’s hefty security measures. Most importantly, it significantly decreases the chances of data siloing.

We are huge fans of Google Workspace. Having partnered with Google, we’ve successfully helped many businesses in Brighton and the UK make the switch to this cloud-based software and solved any challenges they’ve faced with Google Workspace.

Keen to learn more about Google Workspace or want to make the switch to this brilliant platform? Click here for more info

Internal messaging systems – like Google Chat

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The other day, I listened to a friend go off about the insane number of emails flooding her inbox each morning. “Seventy-plus emails EVERY day” she shouted, “Seriously, how does that even happen? Most of them don’t even need to be an email!”

And she’s right, most of them don’t need to be an email. Here at Pipeline Digital, we’ve long since ditched the old email chain and embraced Google Chat & Spaces for our internal communications and most importantly in document comms, not sending a version in an email, aghhhh. It’s great for quick and easy communication that flows. Need to ask a team member something? Great, just pop it on the chat or type a comment in the doc and they’ll reply.

That being said, we’re flexible. If we were working with a client whose company used Slack, we could jump on that platform instantly because we’re familiar with how internal messaging works.

To sum it up:

  • Zero internal emails: resulting in fewer messages cluttering up your inbox each morning.
  • Real-time communication in documents: For quick responses to questions, clarifications, and discussions.
  • Increased engagement: Chat platforms can create a more informal and engaging space, encouraging team members to communicate and collaborate more confidently.

Document Versioning

“Let me send over the latest PDF, we’re currently on version 5.” If this statement doesn’t make you want to scream and pull your hair out, then something’s seriously wrong. Sending document versions via email is a recipe for disaster—there’s just too much room for error.

Imagine digging through your inbox months later in a desperate attempt to locate the “latest” or “final” document for your records—it’s a nightmare! Or worse, did they even share the final document at all? When there’s supposed to be only one, it’s either there or it’s nowhere to be found.

That’s where cloud-based software comes in to save the day. With platforms like Google Docs, you can create a document, share it with the necessary parties, and allow everyone to update and comment directly within the document. The final (and only) version is readily available to all, eliminating the need for endless PDF exchanges. And if you ever need to backtrack to a previous edition, it’s just a click away.

Scheduling Software – like Google Calendar

It’s funny how the more experienced you become, the more you appreciate a good calendar app. We use Google Calendar to help us coordinate our work days. We can easily schedule meetings, set reminders and share calendars with our team. Plus, you can update your status and location, letting others know when you’re available for a quick brain-storming session or focused on work.

One of my favourite things about Google Calendar is the booking feature. It’s a great way to allow potential clients or customers to book time with you at their convenience.

Got any questions for us so far? Let’s chat! Book some time with us and we’ll get into it.

Let’s recap:

  • Reduced time spent scheduling: Cut out the email threads and phone tag by letting folks schedule appointments and meetings themselves right in Google Calendar.
  • Real-time updates: Receive instant notifications of changes or cancellations, ensuring everyone is kept in the loop.
  • Improved collaboration: Make scheduling team meetings and projects effortless by letting everyone pitch in and find the perfect times.

Online Meeting Software – Like Google Meet

Have you ever been asked a question that needs a lengthy answer? Instead of typing out an entire email saga—which let’s face it, might just end up causing more confusion—why not hop on a video call? It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your expertise and drive your point home in a way that’s engaging and crystal clear.

Google Meet is our go-to solution for seamless online meetings. Its integration with other Google apps like Calendar and Gmail makes scheduling and joining meetings a breeze. With reliable audio and video quality, real-time collaboration features, and the ability to join meetings from any device, Google Meet ensures that you can stay connected and productive, no matter where you are.

In a nutshell:

  • Convenience: You can join meetings from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Efficiency: It’s quick and easy to communicate in real-time, reducing the need for long emails or phone calls.
  • Cost Savings: Saves money on travel expenses and often has affordable or free options.

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms – Like Hubspot

How’s your customer care game? Are you tossing them into the deep end, hoping they eventually bite? Or are you skillfully guiding them through your sales funnel, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey that leaves them eager to come back or spread the word about your amazing service? Hopefully the latter.

We use Hubspot – it’s one of the best tools on the market and a must-have in your tech stack. With its all-in-one platform, HubSpot simplifies everything from lead generation to customer support. Say goodbye to scattered data and disjointed systems, and hello to seamless integration and streamlined workflows. Whether you’re managing contacts, automating marketing campaigns, or tracking sales pipelines, HubSpot has got you covered. Plus, with its in-depth analytics and reporting features, you can gain valuable insights into your customers’ behaviour and tailor your strategies for maximum impact.

Key takeaways:

  • All-in-One Customer Data: Keeps all customer info in one place, making understanding their needs and history easy.
  • Team Collaboration: Helps teams work together by sharing customer details and updates in real time.
  • Time-saving Automation: Automates repetitive tasks, so teams can focus on important work and boost productivity.

Project management software – Like ClickUp

Before I was introduced to the world of project management software, I was writing all my tasks down on sticky notes and sticking them all over my desk. It was pure chaos. Then, I started working at Pipeline Digital where I was introduced to ClickUp. It blew me away. Everything was so organised! Whether you’re planning projects, assigning tasks, or tracking progress, ClickUp has everything you need.

Did I mention that we have a verified ClickUp expert on our team? If you’re interested in learning more about ClickUp and how it can future-proof your tech stack, let’s chat! Book some time here

Good to know:

  • Organisation: It helps keep everything related to a project in one place, making it easier to stay on top of tasks and communication.
  • Efficiency: By streamlining workflows and automating tasks, it helps teams work more quickly and get more done.
  • Team Collaboration: It makes it easier for team members to communicate and work together, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Combine your collaborative tools

Now, it’s time to take a significant leap forward by integrating your collaborative tools.

For instance, when accounts finish a task, the boss gets a bubble notification, keeping them informed with just a glance (not an email). This is done through automation linking task management, accounting software, and a notification tool like Gmail bubbles.

Similarly, when accounts need to send an invoice, they receive a notification and an automation kicks in to prepare it. Once ready, it’s checked and sent, triggering notifications for the team.

This is just one of the many automation examples that happen when you start connecting all your collaborative tools. Pretty neat right?

Future-Proof Your Tech Stack: Attract Top Talent & Thrive

Staying ahead in today’s fast-paced business scene means being ready to roll with the changes. If you’re stuck in the past with outdated tech, you’re not just missing out on competing—you’re also likely missing out on reeling in the top talent.

But hey, no worries! Pipeline Digital has your back. We’re all about helping businesses like yours navigate the tech jungle. From picking out the perfect tools to smoothing out operations and getting everyone on the same page, we’ve got you covered.

So, why wait? Shoot us a message today for a friendly chat and let’s figure out how we can modernise your tech stack and future-proof your business.


Q: How can I tell if my tech stack is working properly?

A: Think user adoption rates, productivity boosts, cost savings, and those happy customer satisfaction scores. These metrics are your trusty sidekicks in measuring the success and effectiveness of your tech makeover. Keep a close eye on them, and you’ll spot areas for improvement faster than you can say “data-driven decisions.”

Q: How do I make sure my tech stack works together?

A: It’s all about choosing tech solutions with open APIs, standard protocols, and a knack for getting along with existing systems. With these compatibility champs on your side, smooth integration and data exchange become a piece of cake.

Q: Can a future-proofed tech stack fit the needs of my business?

A: Absolutely! Modern tech solutions are like chameleons, ready to adapt to whatever you throw their way. From customisable workflows to seamless integrations and adjustable user permissions, they’ve got all the tools to tailor-fit to your business’s specific needs.

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