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You know the phrase: “The future is now”?

Well, that’s what we imagine Google Workspace had in mind when they introduced Duet AI for Google Workspace.

The goal is to show us that, much like our daily collaborations with one another on their platform, we can also partner with AI to boost our productivity. These AI features have been designed to help us write better, organise and visualise things easier, and make meetings feel richer and more.

As Google Workspace fans, we at Pipeline Digital are excited to see what Duet AI has in store for us, so let’s get into it a bit and see what we can look out for.

Always on the go? Let AI help you write

Duet AI already helps with writing in Gmail and Docs, making it easier to edit and start new work projects. Soon, this feature will be on mobile, allowing for quick responses with minimal prompts. There are also plans to add more help, like suggesting professional replies with names and other important information.

Can’t find a specific image for a Slides Presentation? Let AI help you create one

Creating eye-catching visuals for presentations used to be a time-consuming task. But now, with Duet AI in Slides, you can easily make images by typing a few words. These image blueprints can even help you create images that don’t exist yet.

Duet AI for Google Workspace The Future is now

Need to make sense of some data or build an action plan? AI can help you organise your thoughts

Duet AI in Sheets will help you work with your data more efficiently. It can automatically categorise data and save you from typing things manually. This is useful for tasks like understanding how people feel about a product or organising information from interviews.

It can also create plans for your tasks or projects. Just tell it what you want to do, and it will help you make a plan. This is handy for things like organising events or managing a team project.

Duet AI for Google Workspace The Future is now

Want to get to know your teammates better on Google Meet? AI can help

Adding Duet AI to Google Meet lets you make cool backgrounds for your video calls. It’s a fun way to show your personality and connect with others during calls while keeping your home office space private. An example would be team members changing their backgrounds to a happy birthday picture for someone’s birthday. It just adds a personal touch to your meetings which allows you to foster deeper connections.

Want to stay in the flow and work quickly? AI can help with building blocks

Working on documents can be time-consuming if you have to build tables or checklists as you go. Earlier this year, Google Workspace introduced building blocks for Google Docs which allowed people to build documents faster by typing the “@” symbol and choosing from a list of pre-built elements. Now, Google is adding these helpful features to the new writing tool in Docs. If you’re creating a job description, Duet AI not only assists you in writing, but also adds smart features like location and status, plus placeholders for things you want to change, like your company name. This makes it quicker to finish your work without having to leave the document.

Duet AI for Google Workspace The Future is now

Want all work documents to have the same brand voice? AI can proofread

Google is adding stronger tools to assist with checking grammar, tone, and style in your writing. A new proofread suggestion panel will suggest ways to write more clearly, avoid repeating words, and use a more formal or active voice. You get to decide when to see these suggestions and how to use them. If you listen really carefully, you’ll hear the distant cheers of copywriters all over the globe!

Duet AI suggests but you call the shots

Artificial intelligence can’t replace the clever ideas, creativity and intelligence of actual people. Google’s products have implemented AI Principles, which ensures you will always stay in control (Terminator fans out there, we know what you’re thinking!). AI suggests things that you can choose, modify, or adjust. They’ll also provide controls for admins, allowing IT to set the best rules for their organisation.

Who Can Use it and Costing

So far, we know Duet AI will cost $30 per user per month just like Microsoft’s co-pilot tool, however, you can activate your free trial now if you are on one of the following Google Workspace packages:

Frontline Starter Enterprise Standard
Frontline Standard Enterprise Plus
Business Standard Education Fundamentals*
Business Plus Education Standard*
Enterprise Essentials Education Plus
Enterprise Essentials Plus

So what do you think? We feel that since AI is already here and planning to stay, we should embrace it and use it to our advantage. In saying this, it’s still important to use that big ol’ brain of yours and do most of the legwork but having an extra helping hand will just help us work quicker and more efficiently which we think is great!

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