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In a remote-working world where fast-paced collaboration is expected, seamless integration between tools can make all the difference. Enter Figma and Google Meet. These two powerhouse platforms have joined forces to improve how teams work together.

Brainstorm and present ideas visually

During meetings, we often switch between tabs and apps. However, integrating Figma into Google Meet enables teams to access design files and collaborate in real time without leaving the meeting. This integration streamlines workflow, helping teams stay focused and minimise disruptions. It also facilitates visual brainstorming and idea presentation, reducing misinterpretations.

  • For FigJam boards, collaborate and utilise all the features as usual. If you have editing permission, explore, create, and modify FigJam boards just like you normally would.
  • With Figma design files, share them along with prototypes without screen sharing. View and comment on prototypes, even if you usually edit the file. Click “Open in Figma” to edit the file using the web or desktop app.

Please be aware: To enable others to view or collaborate on a file, you might need to modify the file’s sharing settings and permissions. Additionally, FigJam files offer the possibility to initiate an open session, allowing temporary editing access to anyone, even those without Figma accounts.

Successfully set up Figjam in Google Meet

  • Connect your Figma to your Google Meet: Click on the “activities” icon on the bottom right-hand corner of your Google Meet session and search for “Figma”.
  • Download and log in: Once you’ve downloaded the Figma add-on, you’ll be prompted to log into it.

  • Choose what you want to share: Create a new Figjam board or select one you’ve already been working on and share it. Other recipients can join the activity by clicking on the prompt box at the top of the Google Meet session.

  • Jam out: as people join, they will be able to start collaborating instantly. Show your ideas while you describe them, making it easier for everyone to understand and discuss as you go.

As remote work continues to shape the way we work, integrations like Figma into Google Meet pave the way for a future where collaboration will be as easy as if you were working right next to each other.

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