• Instagram business profile set up
  • Designing the Instagram puzzle grid
  • Bi-monthly scheduled posting
  • Always Look Twice

The Brief:

As part of our ongoing work with AL2, they wanted us to create a new Instagram business-branded page for them. One that effectively conveys their travel story and showcases their stunning photography. We recommended a fresh approach to their grid layout, aiming to make it visually captivating and in alignment with AL2’s identity of producing sizeable fine art prints. With Instagram having roughly 2 billion users per month and being the 4th most used social media app worldwide, it was important for AL2 to build and engage with an audience on the platform.

The solution – Instagram Puzzle Grid

After setting up the Instagram business page, we created a unique Instagram puzzle grid for this fine art photography business. Using Adobe Photoshop, we designed each grid block to form a larger picture while still looking good on its own in the main feed. We used the same colours and design elements from AL2’s website to keep everything consistent. The images we chose from the artist’s provided content highlight their travels as well as the behind-the-scenes of everything needed to capture the stunning photographs. We also included some mockups of the photographs to grab the attention of potential customers should they want to buy. 

We decided to post a row of three images twice a month to keep a consistent posting schedule. This will help followers understand that although each block is eye-catching, they’ll want to click on AL2’s profile to reveal the bigger picture.

We came up with a simple solution to get the images and captions signed off by AL2 before posting to Instagram by using a Google Doc we shared with them so they could view the next row to be posted as well as write captions for each block underneath it (this is a great example of Google Workspace helping aid our collaboration – just saying!).

Overall launching the Instagram page was successful and we will continue to post bi-monthly. Follow AL2’s journey from the beginning here.

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