• Motion Graphic Services
  • Motion Design South Africa (MDSA)

The brief:

MDSA sought to collaborate with talented animators who could interpret their brief and create animations without restraint. They were eager to see animations that would typically be used as loader animations in apps or websites, showcasing subtle and minimal designs.

The Solution – Animations for Motion Graphics Networking Company :

As Pipeline Digital, we took up the challenge and approached the brief with a focus on subtle and minimal animations. We decided to create loader animations that are commonly seen during stages of interaction on apps and websites. Our aim was to capture attention while maintaining a clean and organised design.

We developed three unique loader animations using our tried and tested process of:

  • Assessing the brief
  • Storyboarding
  • Producing an animatic
  • And finally polishing the final animation

These animations were carefully crafted to align with MDSA’s brand identity and creative vision. Our animations seamlessly blended simplicity, elegance, and functionality to enhance the user experience.

Upon presenting our animations to the MDSA team and other participants, the response was positive. The animations were met with applause and excitement, not only from the MDSA team but also from others involved in the call for animation. 

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