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Physio Science

The Brief:

Physio Science provides sport-specific part-time work opportunities for physiotherapists and related physical therapy professionals. The application process to join Physio Science included sharing documents and completing a written questionnaire.

The problem was, they needed a way for applicants to only complete the questionnaire after they had sent the required documents. They found that applicants would frequently fail to send all the documents they required, which led to too much admin and time spent in the application process.

Their brief also had the following requirements:

  1. Automate the process as much as possible by introducing self-service tools
  2. Convert the hard-copy questionnaire to a smart and easy-to-follow online form
  3. For the application process to be mobile friendly
  4. The storage of documents in Google Drive to be GDPR compliant
Creating Streamlined Application Process using Google Apps featured image

The solution – Google Apps Tool for a Self-Service Process

We implemented a 3rd-party tool which allowed non-Google users to upload multiple files to Google Drive via a self-service online form. The form was in fact a Google Apps Script that is styled to look like a Google Form. It’s mobile-friendly, which allows applicants to either upload a file from their device or take a picture using their phone.

We split the application process into two parts: upload and submit files, and then complete the online questionnaire via Google Forms. This was an absolute game changer for Physio Science because it gated the online form from being accessed until the required files had been submitted.

The form data for both parts was submitted to a separate Google Sheet. An email is also sent to the administation team, notifying Physio Science of a new application submission.

In summary, we helped Physio Science streamline their application process, moving manual intervention from the start of the process, to the end of the process.

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