• Designing a single-page Webflow site
  • ClickUp project management
  • Databox Analytics implementation

The UPVC Spraying Company excels in high-quality spraying services. While specialising in UPVC and plastics, they uniquely cater to various substrates needing recolouring. Their diverse portfolio showcases expertise in matching colours across different items like doors, trims, guttering, downpipes, fascia, brackets, clips, and even polypins. Their flexibility and ability to recolour almost any surface set them apart in providing comprehensive colour coordination solutions.

The Brief:

The UPVC Spraying Company initiated its business without an online presence, lacking a platform to exhibit its services. They sought our assistance in creating a website to effectively showcase their products and services. While possessing all the necessary content, they required a dedicated space to present it. They also needed a tool to keep track of the KPIs from the website.

How We Developed a Single Page Webflow Site for Spraying Company

To commence the project, we took the initial step of configuring it within ClickUp. This allowed us to outline all tasks and necessary steps, enabling us to track time efficiently. This meticulous approach ensured accurate billing for UPVC upon project completion.

Given that they already possessed a domain, we promptly put up a “coming soon” page while at the same time crafting a custom UI for the website’s home page. This interim measure enabled UPVC to share its website details with customers in anticipation of the finalised version.

Although the content they supplied was sufficient, we recommended a few enhancements to elevate its appeal. Incorporating high-quality stock images in alignment with the company’s persona, we ensured brand consistency and fine-tuned certain elements of the copy to enhance its visibility.

Utilising Webflow’s website design tool, our design team crafted an impressive and cohesive custom UI home page featuring the following components:

  • A prominent call to action in the header to encourage immediate engagement.
  • A visually appealing list of services is presented through paint-style graphic cards.
  • Recent customer reviews for authenticity and credibility.
  • A gallery showcasing their notable work.
  • An interactive map indicating their location.
  • A biographical section providing information about the owners of UPVC.
  • An accessible contact form for seamless communication.

Because Webflow is such a popular platform, support is always available, making any fixes a breeze.

Lastly, we implemented Databox Analytics to allow UPVC to keep tabs on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from the website. Databox Analytics is a dynamic tool that serves as a unified dashboard, offering customisable views, and providing a comprehensive and streamlined view of all your data.

UPVC were happy with the results and it captured everything they had envisioned for the website.

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UPVC single page website