• SEO Optimisation for key web pages
  • Monthly report of SEO Activity

Vivid Green is a construction company that designs and builds custom contemporary garden spaces. They use the most thermally efficient and eco-friendly SIP building solutions.

The Brief:

Vivid Green approached Pipeline Digital with a common challenge faced by many businesses – their website wasn’t receiving the organic traffic it deserved. Despite offering outstanding construction services and having an attractive website design, their key pages were buried beneath search engine results, which meant they weren’t gaining a lot of traffic for possible lead conversions. Pipeline Digital recognised the need to optimise its website content for SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to ensure that Vivid Green’s organic visibility was in line with its competitors.

SEO for Key Pages on a Construction Company's Website

The Solution – SEO for Key Pages on the Construction Company’s Website

We studied data from a Market Research Study to figure out which key website pages needed the most attention for our SEO efforts. Our choices were based on comparing the amount of visitor traffic with the keywords that their competitors were using. We then put into action some basic on-page SEO strategies. This included reworking the content to make the ratio of text to HTML better, adding descriptive text for images, and carefully crafting meta titles and meta descriptions, all connected to specific keywords for each page. We also made changes to the web addresses (URLs) of important pages, adding keywords and setting up 301 redirects so that the transition between pages was smooth.

To keep our online presence strong, we made sure to review and dispose of problematic backlinks every month using Google Search Console (GSC). This helped us maintain a solid and trustworthy backlink profile, which is important for search engines.

We made it a point to keep the client in the loop and improve continuously. Every month, we shared a detailed report on what we had been doing. This report showed any changes in how Vivid Green appeared in search engine results and where they ranked among the top 100 results. We also offered advice on the best methods to enhance their position. This included solving conflicts and issues with keywords, focusing on original content creation, and getting rid of unnecessary HTML to make the text/HTML ratio better. By following this thorough approach, we aimed for a strong SEO foundation that could adapt and grow over time.


Pipeline Digital’s plan effectively boosted Vivid Green’s online presence. By improving important website pages using competitor insights and traffic analysis, we enhanced content and meta details. We also managed harmful backlinks and shared monthly progress reports with useful tips. This well-rounded approach secures Vivid Green’s SEO strength and ongoing progress.

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