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Plus X offers collaborative working spaces and support services. Their offerings encompass inspiring work environments, state-of-the-art facilities, and innovation programs tailored for businesses of all sizes, all geared towards facilitating collaboration and driving impactful outcomes.

The Brief:

Plus X came to Pipeline with a time-sensitive request. They needed someone to help them design and build a few simple landing pages for their upcoming ‘Trailbazing for Change’ Campaign. The landing pages would act as a dedicated space for new trailblazing activities and events. They found the WordPress design interface a bit too complicated for the tight timeframe they had, so they needed a solution that would allow them to build these pages quickly while still using their main website to host them. Their deadline was fast approaching and needed someone with the know-how to do it quickly.

We Built Website Landing Pages Quickly Using This Wordpress Plugin

How We Helped Facilitate a Rapid Landing Page Build

Using our expertise, we designed the Webflow pages in line with their brief, which included the events and insights/blog feature. We also supported Plus X with the integration of the Webflow Pages for WordPress plugin.

What is the “Webflow Pages for WordPress” plugin?

This plugin allows you to use Webflow’s powerful CMS builder to create easy visual designs while making the pages show up on a WordPress website. This way they get the best of both worlds: The simplicity of designing in Webflow and the powerful WordPress platform.


  • Webflow’s visual editor is very powerful, which is why designers love it.
  • Build new landing pages faster
  • Update landing pages faster
  • Webflow offers direct customer support for paying customers, whilst WordPress doesn’t.


  • Webflow is a subscription product: meaning you will have to pay for it in addition to your WordPress plan or subscription
  • While Webflow’s editor is flexible, it can feel overwhelming if you’re not familiar with some basic HTML and CSS principles.
  • Webflow doesn’t integrate with as many third-party tools as WordPress does.


We successfully addressed Plus X’s need for rapid landing page development by using the Webflow for WordPress Plugin. This powerful tool allowed us to create visually appealing designs easily while ensuring these pages functioned effectively on their WordPress website.

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We Built Website Landing Pages Quickly Using This Wordpress Plugin