• Custom API Development
  • GMC Publications

The Brief

They approached us at Pipeline Digital for assistance in integrating their Zoho Inventory, with their accounting software, Quickbooks. The manual process of transferring the invoices between the two apps was hugely time-consuming and required at least an hour, if not more, every day. They recognized that automating these tasks would be essential if they wanted to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Custom API

The Solution? Custom API Development!

Although the solution was simple, it required technical expertise. GMC Publications needed an API (Application Programming Interface), but ready-made options like Zapier couldn’t meet their requirements. As a result, we did a Custom API Development for the Publishing Company from scratch. Our team of API experts also implemented a logging system to track triggers and exchange information between the two platforms, which helped us identify and fix issues.

With the new API, whenever GMC marked an invoice as sent, it automatically sent the invoice data to Quickbooks. This made the process faster, creating invoices in Quickbooks almost instantly when sent to customers. The API also facilitated a two-way integration, allowing Quickbooks to match payments with the right invoices, making sure all the records were accurate. This process was smooth and effective. Even with us all working remotely, we were able to have the new custom API up and running in a matter of hours.

Overall, our custom API development for the publishing company effectively met GMC Publications’ needs. It enabled smooth data transfer and improved their operational efficiency.

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