• Motion Graphic Services
  • Shoot Collective

The Brief

Shoot Collective approached Pipeline Digital with the request to animate their company logo for their new website. They wanted to enhance their online presence by adding an engaging and dynamic element to their brand identity.

The Solution – Animated Logo for the Production Company

To address Shoot Collective’s needs, Pipeline Digital closely collaborated with them to develop a design that aligned with their preferences. References of movement were provided to ensure a clear understanding of the desired animation style. Our expert animator then created a storyboard to plan the sequence of movements and transitions for the logo animation. Despite the challenge of converting the logo colours from CMYK to RGB format, Pipeline Digital successfully managed the technical considerations, ensuring the logo maintained its visual integrity.

The team then proceeded to break down the logo into its elements and animated them according to the storyboard. The result was an effective, low-cost, engaging and visually appealing logo animation that brought the brand to life on the website, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Ultimately, Pipeline Digital delivered two options for the animated logo to Shoot Collective: an MP4 file and a coded web version (or JSON file). The MP4 file, a universally supported video format, guarantees compatibility across diverse devices and platforms. The coded web version, specifically optimized for web use, ensures fast loading times while preserving the animation’s quality and smoothness. It features a compact file size, making it ideal for seamless online experiences.

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