• WordPress Multisite
  • Google Workspace
  • Graphic design for iconography

The Brief

We at Pipeline Digital were thrilled to work with POD Massage and assist with their website needs. With the business expanding rapidly, they needed a solution that could support their growing number of locations. One of the key features that POD Massage wanted was for each location to have its own booking requests and financial management system. When they approached us for a website refresh, we recommended WordPress Multisite as a solution for their growing franchise business as it was perfect for their requirements.

The Solution? A WordPress Multisite

The solution we created was a custom WordPress Multisite environment that gave each location its own site. This would allow them to manage their bookings and finances separately. We also added a feature that made it easy to duplicate sites for new locations. This meant they could set up a new sub-site if a new branch opened. With WP Multisite, we ensured that each site had its own payment method connected to it.

We trained Pod Massage on WordPress Multisite and its benefits, including its cost-effectiveness, and how it would solve several SEO issues, such as duplicated content, internal links, backlinks, and search engines treating each site as a separate website.

With our solution, Pod Massage now has an efficient, cost-effective website solution that supports their ever-growing locations and specific requirements, improving their overall online presence and customer experience.

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