• Motion Graphic Services
  • DPO Pay

The Brief

DPO Africa approached us at Pipeline Digital with the goal of creating an engaging launch video for their new mobile app, DPO Pay. The video needed to effectively communicate the app’s features and benefits to potential users. DPO Africa provided the initial storyboard, and it was the responsibility of Pipeline Digital to source suitable audio and refine the storyboard into a fully polished animation.

The Solution – Motion Graphic Services for Payment Service Company

Pipeline Digital set out on the creative process to bring the launch video to life. The following steps were taken:

Story Board Review:

  • The initial storyboard provided served as the foundation for the project. We carefully examined the storyboard and collaborated with the DPO team to ensure a clear understanding of their vision. Throughout the process, Pipeline Digital recommended changes and enhancements, transforming the static sequence of images into a dynamic and captivating animation.

Audio Sourcing:

  • We sourced appropriate audio content that aligned with the desired tone and messaging of the launch video. This involved searching for suitable background music and sound effects to enhance the visual storytelling.

Animation Development:

  • We skillfully executed the revised storyboard, bringing the app’s features and benefits to life through visually engaging and informative animations. The focus was on creating a seamless and captivating user experience.

Custom Logo Build:

  • As part of the product launch animation, Pipeline Digital designed and implemented a custom logo build for DPO Play. This unique logo animation was strategically placed at the end of the video, leaving a lasting impression on the viewers.

Overall the product launch animation was met with great enthusiasm by the DPO Pay team. The animation effectively showcased the app’s features and benefits, capturing the attention of the target audience. We successfully delivered Motion Graphic Services for this Payment Service Company.

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