Cloud-based software for the whole team

As part of a general tech stack review which was speeded up by a cyber attack on the on prem service. Our way of making sure we can efficiently connect tools to allow data to flow through the business is to implement Google Workspace first. This removes the expensive maintenance of Microsoft products and also removes the need to constantly debug the reasons why tools connected to Microsoft reject connections.

This is by far the biggest reason why Google Workspace in implemented first before we start upgrading other areas of the tech stack. We believe to have true data flow in your business, ‘cloud only’  is the only option like Google Workspace. A hybrid such as Office 365 which requires all the cloud and on machine tools to communicate securely and thus has such a technically high level of complexity, it is not suited to fast and agile companies that wish to reduce silos and manual repetitive work.

It has been a major success  in this business with virtually no maintenance over the initial year.

  • New Cloud-based tools
  • Secure login with Two-factor authentication
  • SuperSIPs