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We were approached by an experienced arbitration professional, who wanted to launch her independent arbitration practice after a successful career. Understanding the importance of a strong online presence in the modern business landscape, she sought a website to showcase her skills and expertise.

The Brief:

Our client needed a website that would reflect her professionalism and experience as an arbitrator, communicate her services clearly and concisely, establish her as an independent practitioner, and be easy to navigate for potential clients. She also needed professional-looking images and branding for her website which would elevate the overall look and feel, this would require putting together a proposal for different logo and design options.

New Website Build for Arbitration Practice

Armed with a clear brief, we quickly got to work.

We crafted a tailored website solution addressing their unique needs. We built the website on HubSpot’s powerful Content Hub (formerly CMS Hub), providing a streamlined platform to create and manage customer-focused content with ease.

New Website Build for Arbitration PracticeThe Level 1 branding package provided essential branding elements, giving our client’s business a consistent visual identity. AI tools were strategically used to streamline the initial content creation process, saving time and providing a strong foundation to build upon.

New Website Build for Arbitration Practice

Finally, our client’s portraits were transformed into dynamic website hero images, enhancing the website’s overall appeal and professionalism.


Pipeline Digital empowered our client to enter her new role as an independent arbitrator with a website that prominently shows credibility and professionalism. The website went live on the 1st of May 2024 and the project showcases the benefits of using AI-powered tools alongside human expertise to achieve efficient, high-quality results. Our client now has a robust online platform to attract new clients and establish herself in the arbitration field.

You can check out her website here:

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