Implementation of Zoho CRM

As part of a business wide upgrade to cloud computing, there was a need to replace an outdated on site server based CRM. The old CRM did not integrate and although an integration option at great expense to the outdated system was offered, after the onsite server ran into security issues it was time to find a solution that worked well with Google Workspace and then integrate it with Woocommerce, Xero accounting and databox.

As SuperSIPs is a rapidly growing manufacturing company the CRM choice needs to integrate well with other Saas software in the future as the business expands. Our addition of bringing e-commerce to the business, the Zoho CRM was chosen mainly due to the ability to connect e-commerce orders, with office phone orders and email orders and then hold within a single customer record. Finally order invoices needed to be pushed to Xero.

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  • Google Workspace Integration
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CRM capture