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Sign on the Dotted Line!

Google Workspace has some big news for us. They’re bringing eSignatures directly to Google Docs and Drive, making it super easy to get your documents signed securely. No more hassle with third-party apps or worries about misplaced contracts!

This feature was initially tested in June 2022 and now, after receiving valuable feedback and positive responses, Google Workspace is launching its beta test.

eSigning in Google Drive

eSigning in Google Docs

Why eSignatures for Google Docs and Drive?

Keeping track of contracts and agreements, especially for small businesses, can be tricky. With this new feature, you can request and add signatures directly within Google Docs, eliminating the risk of losing important agreements.

Both end-users and admins will find it easier to:

  • Request signatures from potential clients quickly
  • Monitor pending signatures and locate completed contracts
  • Sign official contracts directly in Google Drive, no need to switch tabs or apps
  • Use your document as a template for multiple eSignatures

Although the eSignature feature is currently in beta, Google Workspace plans to enhance it later this year with:

  • Audit Trail: Completed contracts will include an automatic audit trail report.
  • Multi-Signer: Allow more than one user to sign a contract or agreement.
  • Non-Gmail Users: Get eSignatures from users without Gmail accounts.
  • Initiating eSignature on PDF: Start eSignatures on PDF files stored in Drive.

There’s an open beta for Google Workspace individual subscribers, letting them use eSignatures without extra signups. Also, selected Google Workspace Customers will be able to join a special beta test.

So say goodbye to clunky eSignature apps and hello to seamless signing within Google Workspace!

We will keep you updated as soon as we get more info!

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